Audits - Inspection


Get an authenticity check in the field

Same evalaluation system to eliminate risk
One Approach One Tool




  • Access to all information
  • Right content
  • Robust operation
  • Plan and manage compliance
  • One Platform
  • Information consistency
  • Harmonized system
  • Established
  • Global recognition

One approach for evaluation

The quesitons we ask generate the answers we get. One approach ensure the same compliance level where you inspect and audit.

Share Joint Questionnaires

We never evaluate the same as our needs are different depending from what we need. We can however share the questions


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Use the templates or create your own

Ongoing improvements of your questionnaires and how you gather the information. The sky is the limit.


Charts and report ready

When your supplier or vendors answers your questions you automatically have your report ready. Your QA evaluation now has documentation