Procurement How to use analysing tool in realtime

Turn Supplier Insights
into call to action

From solid information and insight
you can steer and navigate results and collaboration
Feedback in realtime

  • One approach worldwide
  • Realtime analysis
  • Transperancy In Q&A
  • Global Quality
  • One System to Share Best practice
  • Compliant e-mails
  • Mobile applications

Insight and Overview

Procurement How to use analysing tool in realtime Flexco helps you gather information and turn data into insight and evidence

Speed The Process

Value-Based Procurement
Spend time were you add value

Overview Spend-tree: What is spend in each Category.

Demand analysis: Road map

Specifications: Define and clarify your specifications

Market assessment

Supplier longlist

RFI template



Procurement model:

ZERO time on analysis speeds time for final result. You get an overview and understanding of what matches your business.